What Are The Advantages Of MYLE Mini Disposable Pod Device?

January 6, 2020 By VapeSourcing 0

For vapers tired of refilling or cleaning their vape tanks, I think disposable vapes are a good alternative. In the following, I’m gonna introduce the MYLE Mini Disposable vape. For vape coupons 2020, you can check vapesourcing online shop.

MYLE Mini Disposable Pods provide the same satisfying flavors and silky smooth draws as full-size devices, but minimized into a convenient pocket size! Thus, they’re great for on-the-go, at a concert or at the park because there’s no fussing with detachable pods – it’s just easy, quick and worry-free. Each MYLE Mini pack comes with 2 sealed pods, just 3 inches long and one inch wide. To cater to different tastes, MYLE Mini Pods are totally available in nine pleasing flavors. All flavors are outstandingly smooth, flavorful and provide satisfying throat hits, so there is always one that resonates with your personality.

MYLE Mini Review

Operating-wise, MYLE Mini Pods are draw activated and pre-filled with 1.2ml (approximately 320 puffs) of 50mg salt-based E-Liquid. Salt-based nicotine absorbs into the bloodstream at a faster rate than free-base nicotine. The faster absorption rate causes the user to experience a rush more quickly with similar satisfaction to a cigarette. At last, these individual MYLE Mini Pods come fully charged and should be properly disposed of after its life cycle. All in all, you simply can not go wrong with the MYLE Mini Pods if you are looking for some simple disposable vape devices.

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Parameters as below
Size (in.): 2.96 H x 0.77 W x 0.42 D
Flavor: Iced Watermelon / Iced Apple Mango / Iced Mint / Iced Quad Berry / Sweet Tobacco / Pink Lemonade / Red Apple / Lemon Mint / Peach
Device Color: Black
E-liquid capacity: 1.2ml built-in Pod
Nicotine content: 5% or 2% nicotine by volume/unit
Puffs: 320 puffs/pod (approx.)

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