Jewel Mint Diamond Pod Juice VS Pod Juice E-juice

Are you still dazzled and hesitant in the dazzling array of e-liquids? Do you want to choose the best e-juice for you? If you are interested in e-juice, please read this article, I will recommend you two of the most popular e-juice, namely jewel tobacco pod juice e-juice and jewel mint diamond pod juice tobacco-free […]

What About 7 Daze Reds x Keep It 100 Slapple ICED E-Juice

We will introduce best vape juice 2023 that is sure to excite anyone who is a fan of the nostalgic blue raspberry flavor. Both products are a collaboration between two well-known brands in the e-juice industry, 7 Daze Reds and Keep It 100, and have a unique combination of flavors that are bound to leave […]

Satisfy Any Vape Enthusiast: Coastal Clouds Tres Leches

I’m a serious dessert lover, so I really like Coastal Clouds salt nic vape juice, a sweet product. There are not a few categories of E-Juice that taste sweet, but most of them have a fatal weakness, which is too sweet and greasy, which makes it difficult for vapers to endure for a long time, […]

Classic and Perfect: BLVK Unicorn Strawberry Cream

What vape juice brands would you choose to use with your vape kits? Fruity, dessert, or mint? 0mg nicotine salt content, 12mg nicotine salt content, or more than 20mg nicotine salt content? This question is troubling to many people. Even most people don’t know what brand to choose and where to buy it. Today I […]

Refresh Your Palate: Naked 100 Lava Flow Vape Juice

The salt nic vape juice I want to recommend to you today is one of my favorite e-liquids. It comes from a brand familiar to all e-cigarette enthusiasts – Naked 100. A high-quality e-liquid almost plays a decisive role in the vape experience. For example, you have a vape kit that tends to be perfect […]

Review: Charlie’s Chalk Dust Black + SMOK MAG KIT

Every time you inhale black ice menthol from Charlie’s chalk dust, your tongue is moistened with fresh sour blackberry juice and cool cucumbers. Then, menthol was breathed in. ParametersPrimary Flavors: Blackberry, Cucumber, MentholPG/VG Ratio: 30% PG / 70% VGBottle Sizes: 60mlBottle Type: Plastic Dripper Bottle with Child-Resistant Cap If you want a relaxing fruit juice, […]

Review: Aqua Cream Vortex E-juice + VGOD STIG Disposable Pod

As the Earth rotates, nothing remains the same, especially in an atomized world. Any change is the beginning of a new flavor, new flavor and new experience. The Vortex eLiquid by AQUA cream has not been different in this development process, it attracts your attention here and attracts you with its smooth texture dessert. Primary […]