Top 3 new THC disposable vape

September 18, 2023 By VapeSourcing 0

THC’s vape products use the latest plant extraction technology, and their powerful efficacy has made them very popular in the market. disposable vape is also very convenient to use. Today, I will introduce three of the latest and most popular THC vape products. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages, which makes it difficult for people to choose.

1.Looper Live Badder

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Quick Look:

Contains 2g blended THC. 0.3% delta-9 THC, tested by a third-party laboratory, meets regulations. THC and HHC come in the form of living resins that work faster and are more easily absorbed. Designed LED battery life indicator, when the battery is low, you can charge in advance through Type-C as soon as possible.

In particular, Looper Live Badder’s flavors are well received by users, and there are a number of unique blended flavors, such as Strawberry Cookie, which combines the juicy sweetness of ripe strawberries with the aroma of freshly baked cookies, each taste takes you into the sweet world of fruit.

It can bring physical relaxation and mood pleasure, especially when you are burdened with a lot of anxiety and pressure, choose your favorite Looper Live Badder, and quietly enjoy the delicious, it will heal you.

2.Kalibloom Kik Hall

kalibloom kik hall of fame online

Quick Look:

Its unique appearance makes it a presence that cannot be ignored. As a new product line from Kalibloom, Kalibloom Kik Liquid Diamond contains a large volume of THC mixture, a full 3.5g, which is very attractive.

The same is true. 0.3% delta-9 THC, compliant with third-party laboratory tests. The larger volume of THC has a positive impact on the user’s physical health, ensuring that the extraction process does not contain any harmful substances and is safer to use.

There is also a wealth of flavors to choose from. If you are also suffering from insomnia, anxiety, pain, and other problems, choose the right flavor to start the wonderland journey.

3.Torch Burnout Black Series

torch burnout black series cheap

Quick Look:

If you’re new to THC-disposable e-cigarettes, Torch Burnout is your best bet. Pure and safe, 3.5g mixed THC with the best ratio to achieve the best effect, and faster onset.

Easy to operate with just one button that can be activated with the press of a button, enjoy delicious food, and start to relax your body and delight your mind. Easy to use, with assured ingredients, and a wide range of flavor options, Torch Burnout Black Series has an absolute advantage to becoming a popular product for THC vape.

With the gradual development of technology, the extraction process of THC has become more and more advanced. Such effective ingredients are more easily accepted by the market when integrated into the disposable vape, and whether you try them for the first time or use them for a long time, these three THC vape products are a safe choice.