Review: Aqua Cream Vortex E-juice + VGOD STIG Disposable Pod

As the Earth rotates, nothing remains the same, especially in an atomized world. Any change is the beginning of a new flavor, new flavor and new experience. The Vortex eLiquid by AQUA cream has not been different in this development process, it attracts your attention here and attracts you with its smooth texture dessert. Primary […]

Review: Can you put regular vape juice in Smok infinix Kit?

The SMOK Infinix kit is a super-compact reloadable pod module, designed with absolute simplicity in mind. SMOK Infinix includes an integrated 250mAh battery with a range of built-in safety features including short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection and 8-second cut-off. Using SMOK Infinix is very simple. Just fill an Infinix box, slide it into the top of […]

OBS Cube FP Mod preview – first fingerprint Vape device

Hi, guys. I recommend starting today-those that you already know but have acquired a new design or some special stage. The OBS Cube FP Mod is completely stylish, the first one is very elegant and smooth, while the second one is very cruel, and there are other things to look for. ParametersDimensions: 86 x 34 […]