Squartz Equals Taste: Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Vape

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Lookah products show you the future development trend of e-cigarettes, which is to integrate the sense of the future with the sense of technology, and design a vaping device that is not only beautiful in appearance, but also more ergonomic in use. Whether it is snail 2.0, unicorn mini, or the seahorse pro plus to be introduced today, it can be seen that Lookah is very good at using animals in nature, maximizing their characteristics, and bringing them into the civilization of human society to create more good quality of life.

The shape of Seahorse Vaporizers is indeed inspired by seahorse, which is also the first electronic cigarette in the shape of seahorse ever. This vaporizer is actually a pen-shaped design, but it will be a little thicker than the regular pen vape, closer to the column shape. Clear glass is used for the steam channel, allowing you to clearly see how the steam travels through the unit. Seahorse Vape not only has a glass steam channel, but also is equipped with a glass suction nozzle and a transparent quartz tip, making most of the accessories transparent, which is a very difficult and complicated process.

The voltage of Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus can be adjusted from 3.2V to 4.1V, and it is compatible with Seahorse 1-4 full range of coils. Such a power range is a rare and great choice for heavy e-cigarette enthusiasts. Most of the equipment is made of glass material, which can ensure the smooth taste and the purity of the steam. And, it is also very convenient to clean. The charging speed of the Type-C charging cable equipped in the package is very fast, and it is completely in super fast charging mode, which can meet your needs for super long standby time.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus in stock

Brand: Lookah
Material: Aluminum
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Battery Type: Internal
Charging: Type-C

Unique Design
USB Type-C Cable
See-through Quartz Tip
Variable Voltage
Compatibility with Water Pipes
Dual-Use Modes

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