Perfect Vape: Vessel Air One Hitter Vape

December 2, 2022 By VapeSourcing 0

Vessel, known for its sense of design and technology, has brought you an amazing new product. I have been looking forward to this release since the product preview. After waiting for a while, this mysterious and exciting The product finally unraveled its mystery. I was not disappointed at all! A simple summary is, careful packaging, simple and advanced design, slim and light body, powerful and impeccable functions.

Vessel sells three Vaporizers in combination this time, and the most attractive thing is the outer packaging box. The packaging box is made of paper, and the upper part is printed with a picture of mountains and rivers, surrounded by clouds and mist, matched with low-saturation blue-green, full of artistic conception. The lower part uses the true color of the carton, and the bold Air in the middle is very iconic. You can recognize it as an Air series product from Vessel at a glance.

The three packs of Vessel Air One Hitter will not make you feel very burdensome. The length of each vape pen is only 90mm. You can use them on any occasion, and they are also convenient to carry. For me, this One Hitter is perfect for traveling. Not only can it adapt to any scene, the three are easy to replace, and you can also share it with your friends, so that everyone can enjoy the Vessel together. Delicious hit. Ease of operation, premium color matching, and the ability to fully burn delicious herbs and flowers make for a fascinating journey through dried herbs.

Vessel Air Glass Dry Herb One Hitter

Brand: Vessel
Type: Dry Herb
Material: Glass
Dimensions: 90 x 12

A smoked glass finish
Three Pack of Air One-Hitters
Intended use for dry herb
Handcrafted tapered designs
One year warranty service

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